The Balmy Shores of Herons

This song has a back story involving confusion between the words herrings and herons. It leads me to remember a Ewan MacColl song. Apparently he had gone to Florida and met a retiree named Sammy Lerner who told him about his vacations as a child. This was the resulting song.

Tune: Shoals of Herring

Oy it was a fine and a pleasant day
Down the Tamiami trail we're faring.
In my father's Buick with my Uncle Munya
We were hunting for the shores of herons.

Oh we left for Homestead in the month of June
And the termperature it took some bearing.
There was lots of kvetching and the AC blasting
As we hunted for the shores of herons.

On the nature trail in the Everglades
For the family camera you're a caring
There were birds and gators and the clicks were many
As you photographed the shores of herons.

Well you're on the deck at the restaurant
And your Shirley Temple you're not sharing
Take your turn in line at the salad bar
After hunting for the shores of herons.

Now we're homeward bound on the interstate
And the radio it is a blaring
And I fell asleep sitting in the back seat
And I dreamed about the shores of herons.